Cured Meats


Ah, those sausages! Your family will love Aldo and Antonio’s dry sausage and sopressata, both mild and hot, as well as their cured pancetta and capicollo.

We make our sausages from the highest quality Hatfield pork butt (from the high shoulder of the hog), using traditional Italian recipes passed down through generations. Sausage-making is an art, and we are proud to be masters of it.

Here are our specialty cured meats, made in our store:

  • Sopressata is made from a coarsely ground pork butt mixed with salt and pepper and cured for 6-8 weeks. Available sweet or hot.
  • Dry capicollo is made from selected trimmed pork butt,.seasoned, stuffed into a casing and air dried. Also sweet or hot.
  • Dry sausage is a medium ground salami. It has a traditional dry sausage flavor and is available sweet or hot.
  • Pancetta, similar to bacon but unsmoked and with salty, rich pork flavors, is made from fresh pork belly and seasoned with salt, black pepper, herbs and spices. It is air dried and is used in a variety of Italian dishes, cooked or not.

We ship

We ship our cured meats to customers throughout the US. Call for infomation.