About A&C Pork Store

Aldo Claudio

Aldo and Antonio

Aldo Iacovo and Antonio DeGennaro, the partners of A&C Pork Store, are masters of the art of making sausages and mozzarella and of pampering their customers. Together they have over 65 years of experience in meats and Italian specialties. “We provide custom cuts of meat made to order,” says Aldo, and Antonio adds, “We take pride in offering the highest quality and best tasting products for our customers.”


In addition to featuring our signature braided mozzarella made fresh hourly, our cheese market includes Auricchio provolone, ricotta and ricotta salata, basket cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, caciocavallo, Canestrato, asiago, Fontanella, mascarpone, Crotonese, Fiore di Saregna, Pecorino Romano and home-made scamorza.

Italian specialties

Italian specialties include many varieties of olives and olive oil, of ravioli, and of stuffed breads, anchovies, San Marzano tomatoes, dry beans, tarales, sfogliatelle, fresh-filled canoli, fresh and frozen manicotti, stuffed shells, rigatoni, tortellini, and seasonal specialties like pannetone, pandoro, torrone, Baci chocolates, struffoli, pizza chiena, chestnuts, figs, and biscotti.

Have you been missing these everyday gastronomic delights or traditional holiday specialties? Come visit us in Paterson.

pork store pork store
pork store pork store